Adjustment Problems Among Veterans and First Responders

A VA report from 2012 found that an average of 22 veterans die by suicide every day.  22KILL raises awareness regarding the veteran and first responder suicide epidemic as well as the very real struggle of post-traumatic stress. 22KILL is also solution based through empowerment by proving traditional and nontraditional programs for veterans / first responders and their families.

Through its own programs and through partnerships with various organizations across the nation, 22KILL provides veterans with programs and resources that help them find a purpose outside of the military and allows them to reconnect with fellow brothers and sisters and regain that sense of camaraderie.

One of the fund-raising activities is a 2017 RAD-Rides’ Custom Ford F-150 pickup being raffled by the organization.  The truck has a special coating that does not require wax.  After a day in the mud a pressure wash will have the truck looking like it just rolled out of the customizing facility.  Go to the website for more information about the raffle.

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