About HCN

Our Mission is….

to bring news and information to the residents of Hunt County and the surrounding area at no cost. We feel that information should be freely accessible to all of our viewers and subscribers. We look to bring our viewers and subscribers all the information that effects them using all the technology currently available thru website news pages, social media posts and updates and soon will be launching our web based live news broadcast.

We utilize the experience of our viewers and subscribers to bring them the news they want.

About Hunt County News…

Hunt County News launched in July 2015 in an effort to bring news and information to area residents and to provide highlights of the wonderful things going on in Hunt County Texas.  Our goal is to provide news and information to residents of Hunt County Texas at no charge and to create a new low cost advertising solution for Main Street America / Mom and Pop stores.


Founder’s message…

“Being just outside of a major media market such as Dallas puts a growing community such as ours in a terrible position, Hunt County and it’s cities are not large enough or perhaps not ‘news worthy’ enough for the Dallas news stations to report on us unless it is bad news. However there is enough positive news and growth and development to warrant us having a news market. The world is changing, print media is really struggling to pay the bills yet digital media is still an emerging market. It is my goal to bridge that gap and create a new medium for getting news and information to all of our residents.”


Tap into expertise and experience.

Hunt County News Network is the marketing solutions group of The Hunt County News and is part of BWMedia, the fastest growing media company in the Hunt County area.

We offer a wide range of marketing solutions, including digital, mobile, video advertising and marketing, social media, research and creative services, promotions and events.

Our newly created brand includes Huntcountynews.org, Huntcountynews.tv, with more to come.

What We Are

  • We provide you with access to more Hunt County Related information than any other local media outlet with a wide variety services.
  • You’ll have access to credible brands that audiences engage in and trust, like Hunt County News.
  • We can target the customers you value most with the most innovative solutions in the market
  • You’ll have access to the depth and breadth of our resources – no other local media company has as many experts to help you understand your audience, strategically build a marketing campaign, analyze its effectiveness and optimize results

We partner with you to help solve your marketing challenges.