A Straw For All Seasons

Last year the buzz word in education was STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Today people are concerned about plastic drinking straws. There are alternatives with biodegradable paper straws, stainless steel drinking straws, glass straws, and silicon straws that are reusable. They are cleaned in boiling water for the next customer.

Some scientist estimate that American consumers go through a billion plastic straws per week in the US and Canada. Many find their way to landfills while others float down creeks and rivers to the Gulf of Mexico or to the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. There is a heartbreaking YouTube video of a sea tortoise that has a plastic straw embedded in its nostril.

Barbara Horan, the owner of the Texan Theater in Greenville, has seen the video. After watching it, she decided that the Texan would not use plastic straws. Horan is committed to being green. She drives a hybrid gasoline-electric car, the Texan Theater has solar collection cells to supplement electric energy, and the Texan Lobby Café is committed to using reusable plates and glasses. The expresso pods used to brew the most excellent coffee in Greenville are recyclable. Every utensil is washed at the Texan.
Citizens of Hunt County are realizing that we have responsibilities that impact others when we continue our wasteful consumption of plastic water bottles, cups, and straws.

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