A Good Ride

I have written for Hunt County News for the better part of three years since July 2015. It has been a good ride. I have met and said goodbye to many outstanding citizens in Hunt County along the way. Walter Meziere, Ron Wensel, and Judge John L. Horn are but three that I bid farewell to along the trail.
Hunt County News has blossomed in the three years that I have been a part of the organization. My time is limited now. My wife, Nancy, has a severe and crippling illness. There is not enough time to even “plagiarize the Herald-Banner, Commerce Journal, or the Quinlan Tawakoni News” as my friend Kristal Kuykendall has made me aware of several months ago.
I shall miss HCN tremendously but my time is better spent preparing for life’s ever-changing pathway as Nancy, and I make this final journey together.
I shall post a guest column now and then but there just is not enough time to attend every school board, the County Commissioners Court, and City Council meeting. Thank each and everyone for your positive thoughts and prayers.

Boxcar Jim Satterwhite

A California Amtrak Train speeds into the sunset. Image is “borrowed” from a fellow rail enthusiast via Flickr Photo Sharing.

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  1. Marvin DuBois

    Thanks for your hard work as a journalist and willingness to meet with Hunt County citizens. Best wishes for the future and look forward to hearing from you from time to time.

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