89th Birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Sandra Bell congratulates her son, Byron Bell, at the start of the Greenville Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade. Image by Jim Satterwhite

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade departed the Greenville Farmers Market on schedule despite the freezing cold temperatures.  The Greenville High School Navy Jr. ROTC color guard led the parade.  It was followed by the Grand Marshall Byron Bell, Number 75 offensive tackle with the Dallas Cowboys, riding in a 1967 classic Cadillac.

The Greenville High Marching Band and a contingent of Flaming Flashes followed.  Several churches had floats honoring Dr. King.

Martin Luther King, Jr. would have celebrated his 89th birthday on Monday.  He was best known for his role as a civil rights activist.  He used tactics of non-violence that was based upon his Christian beliefs and a spirit of passive civil disobedience practiced by Mahatma Gandhi. He was best known for his march on Washington and his “I Have a Dream” speech delivered in 1963.

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