4D Scanner Unveiled at the Hunt County Cancer Center

Pud Kearns and Meaghan Earls were all smiles Tuesday evening at the Greenville Hunt County Healthcare and Texas Oncology, Lou & Jack Finney Cancer Center for the unveiling of the new 4D CT Scanner. Cookies & punch were served, and doctors Sanjay Emandi and Meera Sheedhara escorted small groups to see new scanner all hooked up and ready to go.

Using the lowest radiation dose possible is of utmost importance for both you and patients at the Greenville Cancer Center. Therefore cancer fighters are always assured that they have taken every means available to protect patients from unnecessary radiation.

This desire for as little radiation exposure as possible lies at the heart of Siemens CARE (Combined Applications to Reduce Exposure) research and development philosophy.

Consequently, with Siemens’ continuing effort, investment and dedication to achieve highest dose protection, the SOMATOM® Definition AS uniquely combines all features available for single source CT to reduce radiation. Next, to its already outstanding dose protection portfolio from previous product generations, it is also inherited traits from the highly renowned SOMATOM Definition Flash (i.e., X-CARE) and provides innovative dose saving features with FAST CARE (i.e., CARE kV), making even pediatric scans routine.

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