Other News

The northern extension of FM 1570 will be named John Horn Parkway. The new roadway will open soon and will connect US 380 , the community of Caddo Mills, and TX Highway 34. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

The Gavel is Passed

Hunt County Commissioner Phillip Martin passed the gavel to Jim Latham who is now Judge pro tempore.  The symbolic hammer was last struck by Judge John L. Horn in the August session. Judge Horn passed unexpectantly a little over a week ago. Latham started yesterday’s court session by allowing citizens […]

Busy Day for County and City Administrators

The agendas are published, and it looks like it will be a busy day for county and city administrators. The Hunt County Commissioners Court will meet at ten o’clock today in the Auxiliary Courtroom at 2700 Johnson Street. The City of Greenville Council will meet this evening at five P.M. […]

Firefighting apparatus, police cruisers, and ambulance vehicles filled the Church at River Oaks parking lot during lunch today. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

County-wide First Responder’s Luncheon

  The rain did not dampen enthusiasm for lunch between eleven and two today. Door prizes, lunch coupons donated by the Rib Crib and Chicken Express, and goody bags donated by RE Max Real Estate were in demand.   Emergency medical technicians, firefighters, police, Sheriff’s deputies, and police from around […]

The slow, soaking rain over the past few days weighted down the leaves until a  branch broke. Image by Jim Satterwhite..

The Mighty Bradford Falls

Grumpy Southern Living Gardener Steve Bender said, “the Bradford Pear is a stinky, oversized tree and is not worth the hassle of planting in your yard. The tree has an overabundance of shade and a weak branching structure. While the tree is a delight in the spring, the white flowers […]

Julie and John Horn were an inseparable team in and around Hunt County, Greenville and North Texas. Image courtesy of Julie Horn.

Judge John L. Horn

Hunt County News is saddened to report the death of Judge John L. Horn. Judge Horn was admitted to the hospital Friday night for an undisclosed illness.  Prayers for peace from his many friends were requested on various social media platforms. These same platforms exploded with news of John’s passing […]