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The Greenville tower "screams" pure water. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Bottled Water for Our Morning Coffee?

Last month the North Texas Municipal Water District issued a warning concerning a change of the chlorine formula used to make municipal water supplies safe. The district is comprised of eighty cities and municipalities in ten North Texas Counties. John Wright, Director of Greenville Public Works, said, “Greenville is not […]

Citizen's depend on 9-1-1 dispatch services and often do not have a backup when the system goes down. Image public domain.

Nationwide 9-1-1 Emergency Dispatch Affects County

Hunt County was not spared when Century Link’s 9-1-1 network went down for almost eight hours last night. The Federal Communications Commission launched an investigation of telecom giant CenturyLink in the wake of a “troubling” nationwide outage that prevented some customers from being able to dial 9-1-1, officials said Friday. […]

This image is from the archives of the Wisconsin Historical Society. At one time Greenville had one of the most modern fire departments in Texas.

Push-in Ceremony Scheduled

The celebration of the arrival of a new piece of apparatus has been a source of pride for regular and volunteer fire companies for more than 100 years. Greenville and Hunt County are not exceptions to this time-honored event. Greenville Fire Chief Jeremy Powell said, “During the late 19th Century, […]

Bill Hughes with the Hughes Gazette captured the essence of World Guy and his dog Nice. Image by Bill Hughes.

Rolling, Rolling Across the County

The following is a compilation from the adventures of World Guy, Erik Bendl, and a call in from Jeffrey Jennings. Erik has walked over six thousand miles for the cause of diabetes awareness during the last six years with his dog Nice. All together they have crossed forty states and […]

It is all Greek and Arabic to me. Image from public domain.

L-3 Engineers Visit Greenville High

Greenville High School geometry students recently caught a glimpse into how their math skills could lead to a lucrative engineering career. L3 software engineers, Taylor Mullen and Holly Long, described their careers and told students about the top skills that will pay off for them as they prepare for their […]

Do you remember playing the oldies at the local hamburger stand? The table side juke box is all but a memory now. The image is  public domain courtesy of Facebook.

Socking and Hopping Saturday Night

Do you remember dancing to the tunes and songs of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee, and the Big Bopper in the high school gym? How about Don Mclean’s single, “American Pie”, released in 1971 that mentioned “dancing in the gym”? Hunt County radio personality, storyteller, and raconteur, Lonny J worked […]

Stovall appointed interim judge for Hunt County. Image by Jim Satterwhite.

Stovall Appointed Interim Judge

The Hunt County Commissioner met Monday in a special called session to appoint an interim county judge to finish the late John L. Horn’s term. Eleven names were submitted, but these were winnowed down to just two names after a four-hour executive session last week. The two remaining candidates were […]